Bri, they/them, artist and computer science PhD student.

I pay $8 a year for this webbed site.

Comissions and Requests

I do: Portraits, landscapes, full bodies, comics.
I don't do: Gore, NSFW, furry, weird ass kink shit, illegal content.


Requests are taken on a per-request basis, if you follow my tumblr I may ask for requests.


I don't have fixed prices for comissions at the moment, if you want to comission some artwork please let me know and I can determine the cost based on complexity and time taken. Prices would start at $10 AUD for simple, non-coloured art.


I sell art on RedBubble, if you would like any art that's not available on RedBubble at the moment let me know and I'll try to make it available! You can also comission specific RedBubble items if you like.


All payment will take place through paypal invoices.


I own the copyright of any art that I make. Personal, non-commercial use is always fine. Please do not repost my art.