Bri, they/them, artist and computer science PhD student.

I pay $8 a year for this webbed site.

caption: funni foto of me

hello it me

king without a heart ❤️ king without a hope 🤷 oh im a king without a crown 👑

Hi, I'm Bri Reid, 24 y.o. artist and Computer Science PhD student. I'm bisexual and agender, and my pronouns are they/them. I like art. My favourite song is Domino Dancing by Pet Shop Boys. I live in Australia. My favourite colour is red. I hate binaries and being categorized. I'm a socialist lol.

My second passion is music. I love synth-pop, disco, hi-NRG, new wave, goth and alternative rock. You can check out my playlists in my social media links!

Don't talk to me about work! I study software engineering. I am the spirit of laziness so my research is focused on ways to make programming easier. I use my creativity to come up with ideas, design UIs for prototype apps and make nice charts. Donna Summer's She Works Hard for the Money is praxis.