Copyright Policy

All art, fanfiction and original posts on this website, blog and social media belong to me unless otherwise stated.


Before commissioning me, it's important you understand that I, the author of a work, automatically own the rights as per copyright law. If you'd like to buy the rights to a piece, please let me know. Instead I grant you a license to, regardless of my policies, post and adapt the work, excluding commercial use. Other, implied license rights may apply where work is commissioned for a specific purpose. Basically: if you're just commissioning for the fun of it, you can post that art anywhere and edit as you see fit, as long as you're not using it commercially. If you'd like to commission a piece for say, a fanfiction cover, as long as you tell me, the license to do that is implied. Anything commercial I would like to discuss on a case-by-case basis.


Please don't repost my art/fanfiction/other content when you can reblog/retweet/share it! Please check my social media links for it instead. If I haven't posted something somewhere, feel free to repost with a link back to where you found it. My tumblr has share to facebook and twitter options that should do this automatically.

Use of my Art

Non-commercial, personal use is fine without asking. That means using my art as profile pictures, printing something to put on your wall etc. Fair use also applies, of course. Commercial use is by request only. If you want to promo my art, use it for your own publically posted fanfiction/collages/your own art/edit it in some way/basically using my actual work, please ask. I'm also 100% fine with adaptions, redrawing stuff, using my style, taking inspiration etc, you don't need permission for that, but I would be delighted to see it!